I love painting….

“Her “High Water Mark” is a glorious work of barely contained energy. At the top of the painting, off in the distance, there’s a beautifully rendered, rather sedate landscape. Moving downwards, towards the foreground, the brushwork becomes ever more strident and frenetic. Whitlock retains control of the frenzy with marks that are self-assured and powerful, conveying both the physical act of painting and the buzzing life of the body of water and its surrounding grasses she’s depicting. The intense, highly-keyed palette and allover, immersive quality of the work underscore these effects.” Sarah Sargent, art critic

After years of painting, my interest is to interpret landscape. The subject matter is about physicality and energy of the paint and less about landscape as “scenery”. Produced by the painted marks, dashes, swipes of oil and oil stick, shapes and color all come together to represent the mood, light, and sense of place.  From a close vantage point the work is most abstract, but viewed from a distance it “comes together” to represent a field, marsh, or “view”.

My artist studio is located near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Albemarle County, Virginia. I also love to work at Wrightsville Beach on the Southern coast of N.C. Dramatic Lunar high tides are accessible only a few times a year, and are accessible only by boat. The marshes flood and bloom,  just like a field.

Monotypes: A type of print, not to be confused with a computer generated photo, monotypes are one of a kind print made by hand. "I paint directly on a plate, and transfer the image,  by use of a press, to a piece of paper."

Fellowships and Awards

Truro Center for the Arts, Artist Residency 

Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Acadia National Park, Maine

Les Amis du Grande Vigne, Dinan, Brittany, France

Virginia Center for Creative Arts

An award winning plein air painter, she was invited to the First Plein Air competition in Curacao.  Her work has been chosen by the U.S. State Department for the Ambassador’s residence in Riga, Latvia and rented for the TNT television drama "Good Behavior". 

Emerald and Purple Sea, Waves.jpg

Major Acquisitions

Musee’ d’Jean Haffen, Dinan, France, U.S. National Park Service:  Cape Hatteras, Acadia National Parks,  Martha Jefferson Hospital, Charlottesville, VA,  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA., Hospital, Emily Couric Cancer Center, Charlottesville, Va., Shady Grove Cancer Center, Bethesda, MD., UVA at Culpeper Hospital, and Augusta Medical Facility, VA. 


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